Find My Worth Find My Worth

How much is a life worth?, despite its controversy and callousness, is an ever-green question for public policy, health administration, war and crimes, governments and the United Nations, environmental analysts and labor unions, lawyers and actuaries, risk managers and safety regulators, and individuals and the society. There are dozens of methods and approaches to answer this question of how much people value their lives in their private decisions. This work asks the same question from country’s perspective, how good you are for your country and what is your economical contribution to the country you live in? How much country will lose without you? And where you stand as a global citizen (in general) and as a countryman (in particular). This work introduces the Personal worth Index (PWI) to calculate the average worth of any citizen in the world through unified criteria. The results, although preliminary, offer interesting insights for the total loss of the country’s economy due to terrorism events like suicide bombing, or natural disasters like tsunami and earthquake. The findings can also be easily incorporated to calculate the economical loss of injured Vs dead soldier, capital punishment Vs lifetime prison, health expenditures Vs living will, expense to productivity ratio and the brain drain.

Pakistan Body Count

 A comprehensive database of every single suicide bombing and drones attack in Pakistan. Data is collected from media reports, hospitals, and internet. All data is publicly available and there is no classified data here. This is an effort to show the world the intensity of Suicide Bombing and Drone attacks in Pakistan.


Mercy Test (Coming Soon)

A social science experiment to test the level of mercy among nations by sending volunteers 50 kilometers in each direction from the downtown. The volunteers need to come back to downtown totally dependent on the mercy of their people without using a cell phone and without a penny, they have to ask for HELP. What happened during the “test” will be up on the site soon. Be ready to get shocked!